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No matter what happens in your home you can count on EA Restoration, LLC to take care of you! Whether a pipe bursts in the wall, mold is found, or smoke fills the kitchen leaving soot in your home, you can count on us to handle your Restoration needs! No matter the time or day EA Restoration will be by your side to ensure you receive the quality of service you deserve!


EA Restoration, LLC is Licensed, Bonded, and Insured to handle your project from start to finish no matter the size! There are many different portions of each restoration project, and we take pride in educating, training, and certifying each of our technicians to ensure you are receiving the best service in the industry.


There are many situations that can make a simple project a hazard to your health and the health of our technicians. Mold Spores, Asbestos Fibers, and other Toxins may be present in your home, and can become airborne once disturbed. Before any demolition takes place, it is important that all precautions have been taken to maintain clean air in your home! Our skilled technicians are experienced in building containments, and setting up proper equipment to ensure your home remains a safe and healthy environment for your family. Your health and Safety is our #1 priority!


Once your home has been properly mitigated it still needs to be put back together! We are happy to assist you in making your disaster seem like it never happened. Flooring, Drywall, Trim, or Painting? We’ve got you covered!

Our specialization

Here at EA Restoration we specialize in several areas. Mold removal, water damage, fire damage, reconstruction and more.

Mold Remediation

Yes, it’s true! Mold can cause some major damage in your home. More importantly, mold can be a hazard for you and your family’s health! However, with the proper training and experience mold can be removed from your home in a safe and timely manner.Read More »

Water Mitigation

Water damage can occur in several different areas of your home. Broken Pipes, Water Heaters, Supply Lines, and Angle Stops are just a few of the most common issues you may come across. Once you know you have water damage don’t hesitate to call us!Read More »

Asbestos Abatement

Got Asbestos? Chances are you were unaware of it until we told you! Disturbing asbestos can be a hazardous process if not removed properly. Luckily, we’re here to make sure you have nothing to worry about!Read More »

Fire Damage

When it comes to cleaning up the damage left by fire there are many challenges to address. The Structural Integrity of building materials, Soot Removal, and Odor Removal are just a few of the areas you’ll want a licensed and certified professional to take care of. We take the time to ensure each of these issues are taken care of properly so that you can have the time to take care of your family.Read More »

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