EA Restoration

No matter what happens you can count on EA Restoration to take care of any home or business restoration needs that may come up. We will be there from the very beginning of a project until the last touches are made to make sure that you are getting the care and service that you deserve.

Ea Restoration Fixed By Ea RestorationOur professional crews are licensed, bonded and insured to come into your building and take care of those dangerous substances that can threaten the health and well being of your family or employees. Mold that gets into the walls and ceilings can release spores that can cause respiratory problems. If you have an older building perhaps asbestos was used as fireproofing as one example.  Our crews will evaluate the hazards and are qualified in proper removal of such hazards. Once an area is safe, they will completely rebuild and restore what was taken giving you peace of mind.

Broken pipes, sewer backups, leaky roofs are a few of the many causes that can result in flooding and water damage to a building. With our 24 hour a day, seven day a week emergency service you do not need to worry. Our quick service will be there to pump out a flooded basement or fix the problem at its source. Water damage is a very time sensitive issue. The longer it set’s the worse it will become, even leading to mold and mildew that can cause further problems. With fast and professional clean up and repair we can stop the problems before they even begin.

A fire can leave you with no place to go or close the doors on your business. We can get you back into your building in a timely manner. Our crews are trained for the cleanup of soot and smoke damage that often goes along with the damage caused by the fire itself. Like any other restoration project, fire damage will get worse the longer it sits.

By beginning the restoration process as soon as possible, you will be saving yourself time and money from a more extensive repair in the future.