Cleaning Services

Matress Cleaning

Mattress cleaning is probably one the most important things overlooked in your home! Can a mattress be cleaned? Yes, we absolutely can! On average a person spends 6-8 hours per night on their mattress, imagine what may be present in your bed every time you lay down to sleep. The products we use on your mattress are completely safe so you can sleep with peace of mind.

Upholstery Cleaning

Cleaning your upholstery will improve the longevity and help keep your furniture in “like new” condition. Upon arrival, our technicians will inspect your upholstery and document any damage that may be present. Next, we will vacuum the article of furniture that will be cleaned so it is free of any crumbs and debris before cleaning. Your furniture will be treated delicately as we clean and dry each item. You may also ask the technician about scotch guard for furniture. We are experienced and work with almost any fabric and upholstery materials!

Oriental Rug Cleaning

There is nothing more important than having your oriental rug handled with caution, care and cleaned with a multi- step process. We offer a free pick-up and delivery service to and from your home! Once your rug arrives to our facility, the first step performed is a thorough dusting of the rug to release all the dirt that may be present. Next, the rug is submerged in a water bath with a wool safe solution. We allow it to dwell while agitating the rug with brushes and groomers to release the dirt. We drain the water and push water out of the rug, repeating this process until water is clear. The rug is then moved into a drying area with fans and dehumidifiers for effective drying. Your rug will be returned to your home softer and brighter than before. Ask us about our moth and scotch guard protection!

Oriental Rug cleaned by EA Restoration
Oriental Rug cleaned by EA Restoration
Oriental Rug before being cleaned by EA Restoration
Oriental Rug before being cleaned by EA Restoration

Calcium/Hard Water Buildup

Do you have that stubborn white build up in your shower? This is generally caused by hard water and soap scum. We can eliminate these problems for you with our acidic cleaner that is designed to restore shower tiles and grout. We promise that once we complete this process anyone who sees and uses your showers will be amazed at how clean they look! Be proud of your showers with nothing to hide!

Pressure/Power Washing

Power washing can either be done with our SX 15 tool to power wash in areas that the spray may need to be controlled in order to not damage certain building materials. We also have a straight wand attachment used for outdoor areas. We will restore your concrete or bricks to the bright new look they once maintained when newly installed.

If you find yourself in need of cleaning assistance in your home or business, we’re just a call away! Day or Night we are here for you (480) 636-6619.